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Globalium Zeolith
supports the detoxification of toxic metals & strengthen the intestinal barrier

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Quality Features

Globalium Zeolith is approved for use as a medical device.
The manufacturing process is carried out in accordance with the EN ISO 13485 certified quality system.

The raw material

Natural zeolite (clinoptilolite) of the highest possible purity class, with a very high natural silicon content. The proportion of silicon and aluminium oxide (silicon salts and silicic acids) is ideal in this substance - SiO2 : AlO2 = 4.9 - 6.2 : 1
The raw material has an ideal pore size of 0.4 nm. As a result, useful minerals and vitamins are not absorbed and eliminated


The Globalium Zeolith Medicinal Product consists entirely of natural Zeolite with no admixture of bulking or anti-caking agents.    
• contains no GMOs     • vegan     • lactose free     • unirradiated     • halal     • kosher

Tribomechanical activation

The Globalium Zeolith medicinal product is based on a modified natural clinoptilolite, which is manufactured in a unique production process called PMA microactivation.
In a controlled self-collision, the particles are not only comminuted by the effects of strong kinetic energies, they also undergo a modification that results in a larger contact surface and thus also further improved cation exchange effect and better filtering effect than an untreated material.

High Quality of Zeolite as Medical Device